Dr Oz: Sun Protection Powder Laundry To Increase SPF Protection of Your Clothes

Dr Oz and Dermatologist – Dr Justin Piasecki featured Sun Protection Laundry Powder:

Add to laundry your with detergent – Dump powder into your wash – it is not an detergent.

Can increase SPF and UV Protection by up to 6 times what clothes and bathing suits provide eg. most clothes provide about 5 SPF with the sun protection laundry powder the clothes and swim suits can rise to 30 SPF.


Tamnu Oil 100%

Sunburn relief and treatment – Moisturizing skin a after sunburn is the most important thing you can do and Tamnu Oil is the one of the best ways to do it.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


New Types of Sun Screens:

Look for Broad Spectrum Suncreen with minimum of SPF 30 and Water Resistant

Protects you from UVA and UDA sun radiation that both cause skin cancer and contribute to facial aging.

Apply every two or three hours.